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Making Delicious Food
In the Heart of South Philly for 45 Years

Baklava Dessert Bitar


Bitar’s is not just an award winning specialty food store and restaurant enterprise – it’s a family. When the Bitar’s found that their Middle Eastern neighborhood had no ethnic food market, Elias and Mariette Bitar opened a small shop and Pita bakery on the corner of 10th and Federal Streets to cater to the community.

Now, 45 years later, that corner store has become a major supplier to the best chefs in Philadelphia. We continue to serve both Philadelphians from the Middle East and Philadelphians interested in the wonderful flavors that originated in the Middle East.

The Bitar Family welcomes you to visit us and try the award winning food that had provided Bitar’s it’s excellent reputation.


We'rein South Philly

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